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Working on a Phone
Building and running software on an Ubuntu phone.
Achieving FitNesse in C++
Introduction to using FitNesse in C++.
Three Phantastic Tales
How your good intentions can doom your project.
Published OverloadAugust 2003
Agile Enough?
Presented ACCU Spring ConferenceApril 2003
The Organisation Fights Back
Presented ACCU Spring ConferenceApril 2003
Reworking the Organisation
Presented ACCU Spring ConferenceApril 2002
(For an alternative view of these events see: How to Raise the Dead.)
If Problems Arise
A taxonomy of error handling techniques. Published C VuApril 2002
Introducing JUnit
Introduction to unit testing using JUnit.   Published C VuOctober 2001
Introduction to Version Control using CVS
Published OverloadAugust 2001