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Immortality - at a price
The impact of "garbage collection" on the design of Java programs   Published OverloadApril 2004
Execute Around Method and Proxy Goulash
Pattern story combining two well known patterns   Published OverloadAugust 2002
More Exceptional Java
Discussion of exception safety   Published OverloadJune 2002
Exceptional Java
Discussion on the use of checked and unchecked exceptions in Java.   Published OverloadApril 2002
Introducing JUnit
Introduction to unit testing using JUnit.   Published C VuOctober 2001
Exception Safe Java
Presented ACCU Spring Conference 2001March 2001
Using multiple frameworks
In an application that is using more than one framework there are occasions when it is desirable for a single object to perform a role in two (or more) frameworks. (Code in C++ and Java)   Published EXEJune 1999

The source.
Peter Linden's Java FAQ
Java lobby
Where some Java enthusiasts hang out. Activities include lobbying for preinstallation of the JVM on PCs and promoting the development of Applications software.
The organisation formerly known as "The Association of C and C++ Users". Links & book reviews, journals (C Vu and Overload), conferences and mailing lists. (Oh yes, it covers Software Design, Development Methods, C++, Java, Python, C#, ...)
IBM Alphaworks
Lots of interesting and some useful stuff.
IBM online courses
IBM very kindly provide some free online instruction.

Heretical Java

Memory Management
How Do You Plug Java Memory Leaks?- Ethan Henry and Ed Lycklama
Memory Leaks in Java Programs- Joel Nylund
Immortality - at a price- Alan Griffiths

Using Exceptions
Exceptional Java- Alan Griffiths
More Exceptional Java- Alan Griffiths
Java Exceptions Are Particularly Evil
Java Idioms: Exception Handling- Arno Haase

Dark Corners
Secrets of equals- Angelika Langer and Klaus Kreft
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité- Mark Davis
Java's new Considered Harmful- Jonathan Amsterdam
Serialization- Mark Davis
Hashing and Cloning- Mark Davis

Designing Classes
Durable Java- Mark Davis
Immutables- Mark Davis
Abstraction- Mark Davis

Java Numerics
How Java's Floating-Point Hurts Everyone Everywhere- Prof W Kahan and Joseph D Darcy
Recent Progress of the Java Grande Numerics Working Group- Ronald F Boisvert et al.