Bridge Lessons

1a: The Rules
1a.1: Introduction
1a.2: The bidding
1a.3: The scoring - essentials
1a.4: The scoring - reference

1b: Very basic bidding
1b.1: Bidding systems
1b.2: Evaluating your hand
1b.3: Balanced vs. unbalanced
1b.4: What do you bid?

2a: Bidding - Balanced Hands
2a.1: Opening the bidding with a balanced hand
2a.2: Responses to opening bids in no trumps
2a.3: Discussion of responses to NT opening bids

2b: Simple card play (1)
2b.1: How many top tricks are there in a suit?
2b.2: Making tricks with little cards
2b.3: Establishing tricks
2b.4: The complete hand

3a: Bidding - Unbalanced Hands
3a.1: Opening the bidding with an unbalanced hand
3a.2: Responses to your partner's 1 of a suit opening
3a.3: Discussion of responses to opening 1(suit)
3a.4: Opener's rebid
3a.5: Responder's rebid

3b: Simple card play (2)
3b.1: Drawing trumps
3b.2: Establishing side suits
3b.3: Ruffing with the short trump suit

Glossary of Bridge terms

Bridge Lessons
Copyright 1993, 1997
by P Hennessy &
AR Griffiths
All rights reserved

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