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arg_compiler.h File Reference

Identify compiler and define work-arounds. More...


#define ARG_CSTDHDR (name)
#define ARG_CPPSTDHDR (name)
#define ARG_STLHDR (name)

Detailed Description

Identify compiler and define work-arounds.

The following work-arounds are defined:

o Some messages relating to compiler deficiencies are suppressed

o Macros "ARG_CSTDHDR", "ARG_CPPSTDHDR" and "ARG_STLHDR" are defined to address variations in the names used for header files. (I use a separate macros for the STL subset of the standard library as this may be sourced separately.)

Modification History

   06-Apr-00 : Added ARG_COMPILER_NO_COVARIENT_RETURNS          Alan Griffiths
   21-Mar-00 : Removed ARG_SMEYER_VIRTUAL                       Alan Griffiths
   04-Nov-99 : Revised copyright notice                     Alan Griffiths
   18-May-99 : Port to M$VC++ v5                               Alan Griffiths
   15-May-99 : Added ARG_SMEYER_VIRTUAL                     Alan Griffiths
   24-Apr-99 : Original version                                Alan Griffiths

Define Documentation

#define ARG_CSTDHDR (name)

#define ARG_CPPSTDHDR (name)

#define ARG_STLHDR (name)

Copyright 1999-2000 Alan Griffiths