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This presentation takes the form of a guided tour and is intended to provide you with the knowledge to recognise aspects of exception safety and to apply them to the code you work with.
To achieve this we need to cover a lot of territory. The next section identifies some landmarks - the exception safe “mountains”. We'll be using these as landmarks on our travels and they are our final destination This section is a direct translation from the corresponding tour in C++.
Java is a different language to C++ and has some features that need to be discussed in the context of exception-safety. Specifically:
it makes a distinction between checked and unchecked exceptions; and
the use of garbage collection introduce issues that do not exist in C++.
At this point we should know what I mean by "exception safe" in a Java context.
Having established the meaning of exception-safety we then move on to a discussion of the techniques for achieving it.
After this we will be looking at the design and coding techniques required to achive the objective of "exception-safety".
Finally, I'll highlight some of the issues that I believe remain to be addressed to achieve "exception-safety" in Java.